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    Gregg Bernstein, Research manager at WeWork

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    As the drivers of products and experiences, we’re fortunate to work with a wealth of information. We rely on the wisdom of our personal and collective experiences, training, and education, and we employ tools to wrangle insights from big data. Yet there’s much strategy and direction to be gained by going beyond wisdom and data. In his talk, UX Research Manager Gregg Bernstein discusses the role of big data and context in user research. He explains how companies must use both to make informed product decisions.

    Thinking Inside the Box

    Johan Lopez, Team Leader at Adobe

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    Find out what you need to do to launch your next big idea.
    Adobe will share their proven innovation process, which anyone can use to prototype, test and iterate their concept into a useful product.

    Be My Eyes - lend your eyes to the blind

    Hans Jørgen Wiberg, CEO at Be My Eyes

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    Be My Eyes is an app that connects blind people with volunteer helpers from around the world via live video chat. Hans Jørgen Wiberg shares the story about how the app was created, and how a new community has formed between the blind and the seeing.

    Safe Delivery App

    Lotte Fast Carlsen, Heath Manager at Maternity Foundation

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    The Safe Delivery App is an innovative new mobile training tool that can save the lives of women and newborns. Every day, women die from causes related to pregnancy and childbirth, and 99 % of these deaths are preventable with the care of a skilled birth attendant. The Safe Delivery App teaches birth attendants in developing countries to handle life-threatening complications during childbirth. The app is developed by Maternity Foundation in cooperation with leading researchers from University of Copenhagen and University of Southern Denmark.

    Wallo  - the bare essentials

    Casper Klenz-Kitenge & Joakim Wolff, Founders of Wallo

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    Wallo was designed for emotions from the outset. It’s embedded in the core offering of this Danish startup: Your photos on Instagram™, printed and framed, ready to hang. Wallo believes that the best user experiences are created by removing layers, between a product and the people that depend on it to get a job done. Not just the end user, but for everyone involved in the customer journey: Less tech, more talk = trustworthy relations that elicit happy, empowered, and loyal users.

    Master Class: Use LEGO Serious Play to boost collective creativity!

    Pat Bertini, European Director of Research and Insights at Wipro Digital

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    UX is a team effort: So many different skills, points of views, and expertise is needed to deliver best-in-class services and products. But to do this a team must function well, with memebers trusting each other and communicating smoothly, overcoming differences and diverse point of views. In this session we'll use LEGO Serious Play to think creatively in groups, share ideas and co-create the next winning experiences.


    Master Class: A new UX tool

    Johan Lopes Helgesson, Team Leader at Adobe

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    Johan from Adobe offers a workshop about Adobe's new UX tool, Project Comet. There are limited seats (max. 50), and participants are asked to bring their own MAC computer, and to sign up prior to the workshop.

    User Empathy

    Miriam Lerkenfeld, Interaction Designer and Project Developer at Københavns Kommune

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    The municipality of Copenhagen (kk.dk) is responsible for creating meaningful user experiences for various citizens, companies, and employees. The size of the municipality challenges the relationship between decision makers, developers, and actual users, emphasizing the necessity of combining design and business, and also the need for obtaining and maintaining user empathy across the organisation.

    This session tells the story about how we at kk.dk listen to the needs of our users, and shows how doing this always ensures that the software systems we develop will be user-centred instead of centered around the organisation.

    The Magic of Tangibility

    Damion Bailey, Senior UX Concept & Design Manager at Bang & Olufsen

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    Bang & Olufsen is company with a 90 year history of designing magical product experiences. Damien will share selected cases that highlight Bang & Olufsen's approach to not just delivering utility, but also creating emotional connections with the products.

    Behavioral Design in mobile apps

    Alberta Soranzo, Head of Experience Design and Innovation at Tobias & Tobias

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    Alberta is here to speak about how she has created different kinds of mobile apps, for example an app to help low-income people in South Africa take steps toward financial security and an app helping people in England achieve better health outcomes. Alberta is head of UX at Tobias & Tobias, a digital consultancy firm in London, and a well known UX speaker.

    Google: Adapting products to build trust

    Jeannie Foulsham, International UX Research Lead at Google Search and Maps

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    In emerging markets we are adapting our products to build trust by tailoring the fundamentals.
    Reliability: How we are making our experiences trustworthy in patchy (or non-existent) connectivity, on phones with very limited storage and RAM etc. Content: Speaking my (local) language, having local content, features that are designed for specific use cases and needs.

    Honestly, how are you

    Yujin Han and Alana Wood, Design Lead & Product Director at Moodnotes / UsTwo

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    Moodnotes is a new mobile app that enables you to track your mood and improve your thought patterns and overall well-being on your mobile phone and Apple watch. Alana and Yujin will share with us the journey towards the current product design and their thoughts on working with feelings and design.

    Trust is in our name (but how do we build it into our product?)

    Siri Shadduck, UX Analyst at Trustpilot

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    Siri from the fast-growing Danish company Trustpilot, will offer us a look at how they work towards creating a trustworthy product experience by bridging culture and craft. She will share the story of how Trustpilot balances the differing needs of stakeholders, businesses, and users in a way that doesn't sacrifice confidence in the product.

    Deep insights with deep tool

    Rune Nørager, Behavioral designer at Designpsykologi™

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    From the way we engage users in research and conduct product tests to how we analyze and interpret our findings, UX researches can benefit from appreciating the shared human psychological machinery that underlie our every behaviour. With concrete examples, Rune Nørager will demonstrate how design psychological tools can provide powerful insights that often escape the traditional human centered design tool box. We will hear examples from consumer products, medical solutions, physical devices and complex software.

    Master Class: 1 Question, 100 Points

    Gregg Bernstein, Research Manager at WeWork (previously MailChimp)

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    When it comes to talking about our products, so much happens in a customer interview. With a little planning, an open mind, and some light data analysis, you can use interviews to take your product direction from almost to accurate.

    In “1 Question, 100 Points,” WeWork’s UX Research Manager, Gregg Bernstein, leads a simple, participatory workshop that covers what to ask, what to watch for, what to build, and who your audience is.

    Master Class: Customer Empowered Business

    Thomas Snitker, UX Researcher at LEGO / UserTribe

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    How do you create value, organizational commitment, space and time for customer involvement in design and development? How do you achieve success with customer involvement? In this masterclass we will work with a line of specific cases and share experiences.

    Designing for the Emergency room

    Christina Zakrisson & Inge Lise Korsholm, Systematic

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    Christina and Inge Lise will share stories about how they create UX design for mobile apps at Systematic. They will present their work on an app developed for the emergency room in one of the largest hospitals in Denmark.

    UX Designers, take up the challenge!

    Jonas Söderström, Senior Information Architect and author at inUse

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    Emotions are a big issue in enterprise systems. Frustration and even rage is something that's (unfortunately) is so often triggered by dismal systems in the workplace (travel expense systems, time reporting, etc etc). Which is sad, because we should really have systems at work that are as pleasant and nice to use, as many of the systems we can use as consumers, in our private lives.